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Errant girl

欧美高清vivoessexohd Grizz, boredWanna look like a hero while actually tasting a bit of freedom in these pandemicious* times? [...]

Growing up grizzly

欧美高清vivoessexohd Grizz, as usual, captivated the trainer. So did Nathan. As for me, well, CAPTIVATE is not exactly the word [...]


Grizz has gone from a cute, floppy-eared puppychunk to an obvious German Shepherd with a werewolf face.My [...]

Puppy dog tales

Bringing the puppy home on my lap. Dave the Dog Guy said he'd be happier making the trip home [...]


Herbal sandwich buns

Using these rolls as they were meant: HamburgersI've been baking bread and inventing bread recipes since I [...]


"I'm thinking the chanterelles are probably up, now that we've had our first good rains," said The Resident [...]