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US Concrete

"Handle’s technology is unique and powerful. After looking at many alternatives, Handle provides us something we couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Terry Marshall - CIO U.S. Concrete, Inc. (NASDAQ: USCR)

Terry Marshall - CIO

U.S. Concrete, Inc. (NASDAQ: USCR)

US Concrete

Software that won't disrupt
your current workflows

Instant Owner Verification


Simply input your project addresses, upload a .CSV file of the addresses or sync with your accounting system

Our tools instantly find:
  • Owner name and owner property address
  • Multiple units details
  • Property APN
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Owner Verification

Deadline Management


Handle tracks your required state upcoming deadlines so you never lose your payments rights

Instant tracking and more:
  • All state required payment deadlines
  • Sync with your accounting systems
  • Take immediate action with one click
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Deadline Management

Construction Credit Reporting


Handle built construction specific credit scores and reporting to know exactly who you will be working with

Credit reporting includes:
  • Contractor license info
  • Tax liens and other data
  • Estimated equity across businesses
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Document Management

All of your payment documents in one spot

Handle software helps manage all projects documents related to protecting your rights

Keep track of all documents:
  • State specific required documents
  • Quickly search for details of any project
  • Sync with your other systems of record
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Business Funding

Control your cash flow on your own terms

Handle can provide access to working capital if you ever need it. Applying will not affect credit scores

Funding options if you need:
  • Extended terms on material trade credit
  • Sell us your outstanding liens
  • Purchase order financing
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Better data,
lower hard costs

We can lower your hard costs. It’s that simple. Our data will also be more accurate than your current provider because our software instantly pulls all information needed directly from the sources that are required by law such as landowner info, deed records, titles, and many more data sources.
US Concrete

U.S. Concrete lowered hard costs across all states they work in using Handle software

Owner identification time

5 seconds
With other providers you will typically have to wait up to 48 hours for this information


$ 159,000
Average annual savings based on 1,000 notices sent per month

We even keep track of your payment deadlines

Our tools track your deadlines so you can take next steps

We feel more secure with Handle.

“Using Handle has really helped us create a much more
efficient process with way more accurate data.“

Emily Brown, Owner, Ashby Lumber