We are here for pet sitters and dogwalkers during COVID-19. Learn Moreabout how we can help.

We are here for pet sittersand dog walkers.

紧急通知页面访问升级During COVID-19, Time To Pet is working hard to helppet care pros. That includes creating a pet care specific COVID-19 Resource Guide andreleasing new tools for our customers like Gift Cards and Cancelled Visits Reporting. We arealso extending our free trial to 45 days. We want to make sure that pet sitters and dogwalkers have plenty of time to make any decisions for their businesses during theseuncertain times.

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紧急通知页面访问升级Your clients love the service you provide. Our pet sitting software helps them love theexperience of booking visits too! Clients can update their info, request services and makepayments directly from the Client App or the Client Portal. They’ll also get real-time updates,pictures and visit report cards after each event.

You can customize what information you collect about your clients and their pets, acceptcredit/debit or ACH payments and even share GPS and timestamp data with your customers. All datais also protected using the same 128 bit level encryption your bank uses.

Your clients already love your company. Isn’t it about time they loved your software too?

Client Services Invoice Screen

Mobile First For Staff

Dedicated Android and iPhone mobile apps so you and your team can quickly and easily viewupcoming events, complete those events and send updates and pictures to your clients.

Capture GPS and Time Tracking data that can be optionally shared with your clients or used foradministrative purposes.

Mobile friendly website so your office goes where you go! Approve visits, make changes and sendinvoices from wherever you are.

Mobile App For Staff


Scheduling visits for your clients shouldn’t be an all day affair. Time To Pet makes it simple byallowing your clients to request their own services. Client requests can then be approved or youcan create recurring templates for your regulars.

Charge a little extra for multiple pets or on holidays? Not a problem! Simply create your extrapet rates and holiday fees and Time To Pet automatically adds those to the invoice. You can alsobundle visits together and sell them as a package.

Remember - you didn’t start a pet sitting or dog walking business to spend your whole dayscheduling.

Client Pet Services Schedule

Easy Invoicing

You invoice clients for their services. Shouldn’t invoices be created automatically when theevents are scheduled? In Time To Pet - they are! No need to count your visits and re-create yourinvoices. All invoices are automatically generated based on the events that are scheduled!

Invoices can be emailed in bulk or if your customer has given you authorization - you can run thecard on file for them. Did you knock this trip out of the park? Clients can leave you a tip whenmaking payments as well!

Getting paid shouldn’t be hard. In Time To Pet - it isn’t.

Dashboard and Mobile App Invoicing

Who Uses Time To Pet?

If you operate a pet sitting business, a dog walking business or do alittle bit of both - Time To Pet is the software for you. Our customers range from one personbusinesses up to companies with 75+ staff members. No matter what type of business you have,Time To Pet is flexible, customizable and powerful to help you impress your clients, manage yourteam and grow your company.

Customer Stories

Time To Pet has helped us grow exponentially. We could not have achieved our level of successwithout this software as its helped us streamline scheduling and improve communicationsbetween our clients, our office, and our teams. We believe the platform’s features make us,by far, more professional than other companies who use conventional dashboards.

Pet Gal Susan

Susan A.

The Pet Gal

Time To Pet has significantly enhanced the customer communication process. First, it gave me areason to reach out to ALL my customers and say, “I’m switching pet sitting software, pleaseactivate your account!” As a result of the increased communication, I’m finding that a lotof former one-time clients have called us for new services and we are busier than ever.

Bright Star Jessica

Jessica F.

Bright Star Pet Services

Time To Pet has honestly revolutionized how we do business… My sitters can work much moreindependently because they have ongoing access to customer and pet information withoutrelying on me… I save hours upon hours of administrative time on billing, processingpayments, and generating paychecks.

Acton Sitter Clare

Clare S.

Acton Critter Sitters

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Time To Pet has two plans, one for solo operators and one for teams of two or more. Forfull details please see our pricing page.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Your account on Time To Pet will be billed on a month by month basis. You are free tocancel at anytime with no fees. We will even give you a pro-rated refund if you cancelin the middle of a billing period.

What is your support like?

Time To Pet has a strong commitment to customer support. The easiest way to submit asupport request is to contact us byemail.You can also view all of our contact information on our support page.

How safe is my data?

We know that your data is critically important to your business and it is absolutelynecessary to keep it secure. All communication on our website is done with the same128 bit level encryption your bank uses.

Your data is stored on our secure serversin datacenters with 24/7 security. We also perform a complete backup of your datamultiple times a day.

Can I accept credit cards with Time To Pet?

Yes! You can accept credit/debit card payments with Time To Pet. Clients can makepaymentsthemselves from their portal or you can charge their card directly from your dashboard.Payments are automatically applied to customer invoices and if you have Quickbooksconnected, automatically synced to Quickbooks.

紧急通知页面访问升级. However youwill morethan likely be charged fees by your payment processor. See list of SupportedPaymentProcessors.

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